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Comical Holiday Commercials Favored This Holiday Season

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Comical Holiday Commercials Favored This Holiday Season
-Macy’s, Target, Toys R Us Make Big Impressions This Year- 

Washington, December 16, 2010 – Holiday commercials are often just as popular as Super Bowl commercials, and this year, retailers skipped the sentimental approach as seen in recent years, aiming instead for a comical and oftentimes, quirky approach. According to a Retail Advertising and Marketing Association survey, conducted by BIGresearch, Target (#1) took back the top spot from Walmart (#2) and Macy’s (#3), using the celebrity appeal, jumped two spots to number three this year.

Other companies in the top 10 included Best Buy (#4), Kmart (#5), Sears (#6), Old Navy (#7), Kohl’s (#8), JCPenney (#9) and Toys R Us (#10). 

“Whatever the theme, retailers use their holiday advertisements to speak to much more than what they have in their stores,” said Mike Gatti, Executive Director, RAMA. “Whether through an emotional, celebrity or comical appeal, retailers want to connect with their shoppers on a much deeper level, especially as competition heats up during the holiday season.” 

According to the survey, 16.8 percent of shoppers said their favorite holiday commercial motivated them to shop with that retailer and one-third (33.5%) said there was no impact as they regularly shop there anyway.  Shoppers were also asked to name their favorite online holiday promotion, with Amazon (#1) ranking as number one. Walmart (#2), Target (#4) and Kohl’s and Best Buy (tied #5) also topped the list.

When asked if these online advertisements motivated them to shop that retailer, 22.0 percent said yes and more than one-fourth (27.7%) said they already shop there.  When it comes to specific holiday advertisements, four in 10 (42.3%) say coupons most influence their decision to shop at a particular store. Advertising inserts (24.3%) and word of mouth (23.3%) are other strong influencers when it comes to retailers’ holiday advertisements. Additionally, TV/Broadcast (22.0%) as a top influencer inched up in significance over direct mail (19.7%) this year, and nearly five percent (4.6%) say they are actually influenced by social media advertising.

“Consumers have a rocky relationship with television commercials, but at the end of the day, they love a well-timed, perfectly-themed, poignant commercial,” said Phil Rist, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, BIGresearch. “Traditional advertisements and coupons will continue to rule, especially in this economy, though shoppers are also beginning to find value in mobile and online advertising.”  

About the Survey The survey, conducted for RAMA by BIGresearch, polled 9,172 consumers from December 1-8, 2010 by asking consumers to write in their favorite holiday television advertisement. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.0 percent.  

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