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Retail Across America: North Carolina

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In North Carolina, the retail industry is the largest private employer. More than 60 retail brands have headquarters or distribution centers across the state and 30 of North Carolina’s top employers are retailers. In partnership with the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association, hear some of the inspiring stories of retail careers, community and innovation in North Carolina.

Not your typical office job

There are an endless number of career paths in the retail industry, whether with a major brand or a small family owned-store on Main Street. Hear from Jose Luis of Family Dollar, Andrea Rice of Monkees, Steve Ashworth of Ashworth's Clothing and Michael Wong of Kimbrell's Furniture – all North Carolina retailers – as they share what makes a job in retail so rewarding. Learn more about retail careers in North Carolina: Watch the video.

Retail careers in North Carolina
"It's all about adding value to the customer, and I take pride in that." - Jose Luis, Vice President of Real Estate Development, Family Dollar

It's part of our DNA to give back

Central to their core values, North Carolina-based grocer Food Lion gives back to the communities they serve. In Central North Carolina alone, the grocery chain donates about 9.6 million pounds of food annually to the CENC Food Bank, helping serve nearly 12 million meals to those in need. Learn more about how retail supports communities in North Carolina: Watch the video.

Retail supports communities in North Carolina
"We understand customers are in need, and we try to meet that need." - Teross Young, Vice President of Government Affairs, Food Lion

Not your dad's retail anymore

The Wake Forest Center for Retail Innovation is challenging students to push boundaries and discover new ideas to improve consumer's lives. Hear from some of the center's faculty and students as they share what makes retail an inspiring and innovative industry to work in. Learn more about retail innovation in North Carolina: Watch the video.

Retail innovation in North Carolina
"This isn't your dad's retail anymore." - Roger Beahm, Executive Director, Wake Forest University Center for Retail Innovation
Family retail at Ashworth's

Meet the Ashworth family, whose retail store has been serving customers in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina for three generations. What makes this small business thrive? A commitment to excellent service and pride in a job well done.

Retail Across America
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This is Retail

NRF's award-winning This is Retail campaign brings together industry advocates from established and emerging retail brands to share their career, community or innovation stories in the public arena – challenging many of the misperceptions that exist about the retail industry and its employees.

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How many retail jobs can you name in 10 seconds?

This pop quiz includes some tough questions: What is retail? What’s the highest you can be promoted in retail? What is the “Beyond” in Bed, Bath and Beyond? See how your own retail knowledge stacks up. Watch the video.