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Minneapolis Minnesota

Retail Across America: Minnesota

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Retail in Minnesota is all about making connections with consumers, families, employees and local communities. Watch as U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Retailers Association President Bruce Nustad, Target Vice President of Strategy and Operations Tony Heredia and Thrifty White Pharmacy President Bob Narveson share how retailers make a deep impact across the state.   

In Minnesota, retail supports more than 780,000 jobs and contributes $46 billion to the state's economy.

NRF and the Minnesota Retailers Association visited retailers in Bloomington, Minneapolis, Richfield, Saint Paul, Plymouth, Duluth and Red Wing during the Retail Across America road trip.

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Being ‘Minnesota Nice’

As Minnesota Retailers Association President Bruce Nustad says, “Minnesota Nice is core to what being a retailer is in Minnesota.” From Target’s corporate social responsibility to a supportive group of small businesses, the state is home to communities that truly embody the spirit of “Minnesota Nice.” 

Handcrafted in Minnesota

Duluth Pack and Tin Whiskers Brewing Company are two retailers immersed in the culture and heritage of Minnesota. By capturing the state’s local soul with distinctive craftsmanship, these brands offer a true Minnesota retail experience.

Retail tech in real time

Mall of America’s Jill Renslow and Erin Vande Steeg and Best Buy’s Jeff Haydock and Bala Subramanian discuss how digital technology and an online presence are used to enhance the physical in-store experience and elevate customer service.

Minnesota small businesses: More than meets the eye

Locally owned businesses do more than you think — they build close-knit relationships, support their communities and offer experiences that make an impact and change lives. In this video, Minnesota retailers Grand Jete, Creative Kidstuff, 36Lyn and Uffda Shop show how they offer their customers more than just a place to shop. 

Duluth Pack CEO Tom Sega showing how Duluth Packs are made

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Retail Across America
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