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Membership FAQ


Looking for information? We’re here to help. Check some of the most frequently asked questions below, or take a look at our Membership FAQs and Event FAQs. If you don’t see what you need here, get in touch with us.

Advocacy and Public Policy

How does NRF determine its policy positions?

NRF’s public policy positions and priorities are developed by a consensus of the Government Affairs Policy Council, comprised of NRF members, which carefully analyzes legislative and regulatory issues with input from NRF’s technical committees. On the most pressing and controversial issues, the NRF Board of Directors is consulted for its recommendations or approval. 

View a list of current policy priorities and positions in our Advocacy section. 

Does NRF have state association chapters or affiliates that engage in state-level issues?

NRF and the state retailers/merchants associations maintain a close working relationship, particularly through our State Association Council; however, they are separate entities with separate memberships. NRF defers to state retailers/merchants associations for state and local level policy matters and the state associations defer to NRF for federal level policy matters. NRF staff continuously monitor state level issues that may rise to the federal level or where federal-level pre-emptive policy action will benefit the industry.

How do I get involved in grassroots efforts?

It’s easy to get involved. See the latest alerts and find resources in our Action Center.

News and Publications
Research and Industry Information

Does NRF identify top retailers in the industry?

Yes. NRF’s monthly publication, STORES Magazine, publishes annual Top 100, Hot 100, Favorite 50 and Global 250 lists. These reports are carefully researched and serve as a reference for retailers, analysts, vendors and government agencies. 

Where can I find retail industry statistics and consumer survey data?

NRF’s consumer research sheds light on consumer shopping trends — from how American consumers shop for the holidays to whether they’re visiting stores or shopping online. We also make original research studies, white papers and other resources available in the Retail Library.

How do I submit a white paper to the Retail Library?

Members can submit a white paper online for free, and our research editor will review your submission.

Where can I find the latest 4-5-4 calendar?

The 4-5-4 calendar is one of our most popular resources. Learn more or download current calendars.


How does NRF calculate retail sales figures?

Monthly sales figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau include categories such as automobiles, gasoline stations and restaurants. NRF’s retail sales figures do not include those categories.

Careers, Education and Training

How do I post a job on NRF’s job board?

NRF retail member companies can post jobs for free to the NRF Job Board! Just set up an account, contact us to verify your membership and start posting your full time, salaried retail roles. Non-members and NRF associate members pay to post jobs. Get started by creating an employer/recruiter account on the NRF Job Board. Contact Diana Stallworth at NRF to verify your membership and find out more about the job board.

How much does it cost to post a job opening?

Pricing for non-member companies starts at $299 for a 30 day posting. You can save money by purchasing credit packs for multiple listings. View pricing. As a member benefit, NRF member companies (retailers only) can post their jobs for free to the NRF Job Board.

My company has many openings and I don’t want to post them manually. Can you add them automatically?

Yes! We can build you a bespoke website scraping program so all your jobs will be automatically posted to the NRF Job Board on a daily basis. Contact Diana Stallworth at NRF for more information.

Is NRF hiring? Do you have internships?

Job openings and internship opportunities at NRF’s headquarters in Washington, DC are posted on our website. Learn more.

Does NRF offer scholarships?

The NRF Foundation’s programs include scholarships for current students and retail employees. Learn more about scholarships.


General Questions

Does NRF have a speakers bureau? How do I request a speaker?

While not a formalized speakers bureau, NRF has several subject matter experts who present at events and conferences all over the world. Send an email to with your request, and we’ll help you find a subject matter expert.