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Favorite 50 Retailers

Favorite 50 Retailers

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The Favorite 50 is STORES Magazine's annual ranking of consumers' preferred e-commerce sites derived from a survey of consumers' online apparel and non-apparel shopping habits.

Favorite 50 Retailers 2016

Amazon, yes. Walmart, yes. We know those are big players in the online world. They continue to dominate the top online retailers, according to the Prosper Insights & Analytics 2016 ranking of the Favorite 50 shopping websites, due in large part to customer loyalty. But they are far from the only stories happening in online retail — there is some repositioning in this year’s list. Membership programs remain popular, with free shipping perceived as nearly as important as low prices. Read more and view this year's list.

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The Favorite 50 is a list of e-commerce websites ranked by the consumers who use them. Worthington, Ohio-based Prosper insights & Analytics asked two open-ended, write-in questions about online shopping of 6,431 adult consumers:

  • What website do you shop most often for apparel items?
  • What website do you shop most often for non-apparel items?

No merchants’ names were listed or suggested, and the list was compiled by ranking online retailers in order of total mentions. Some of the listed companies are not retailers in the traditional sense, but because consumers don’t make such distinctions they are included in the Favorite 50.

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