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ARTS Channel Attribution Technical Report
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Part of the challenge retail marketing executives have to address is how to allocate advertising and promotion investments across a growing diversity of channels. Retailer investment in consumer mind-share and relationship development has to be spread over a widening range of media, touch points, consumer-customer transition events, etc. ​

Channel attribution is the art and science of quantifying how effective marketing investments in a channel can be in influencing consumers and customers to emotionally, intellectually and financially commit to doing business with the retailer.  Channel attribution key performance indicators are an important part of a retailer’s metrics portfolio. They measure the success of the activities of an organization and can be an important source of guidance for an enterprise that is trying to appropriately allocate marketing budget among communication channels.

The ARTS Customer Path to Purchase/Channel Attribution Technical Report is an effort aimed at helping retail decision makers understand:

  • Channel attribution terms and concepts;
  • Identify the building blocks of a channel attribution strategy;
  • Guidance on getting started with a Channel Attribution strategy that can grow as the methods and technologies required to collect and analyze data mature