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NRF Associate Member Benefits

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Associate membership in NRF is open to companies with a business-to-business relationship with retailers, including but not limited to suppliers, software companies, consultants, wholesalers, media agencies, colleges, universities and education institutions. NRF provides industry partners with a wide array of resources and tools. The benefits of joining are company-wide and extend to all employees.

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Promote your company with associate membership

Promote your company

Through NRF associate membership, companies can position themselves as leaders by highlighting their services and expertise to retailers across the country. 

Gain insights with associate membership

Gain retail industry insights

NRF provides associate members with resources, tools and data pertaining to the retail industry. 

Learn from industry leaders with associate membership

Learn from industry leaders

NRF associate members have access to the communities and networking events they need to drive their business forward. 

For more information about the benefits of NRF associate membership, contact us at 202-783-7971 or

NRF Associate Membership