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From Platt Retail Institute. As a global leader in flavor, McCormick manufactures, markets and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, condiments and other flavorful products to the entire food industry – from retail outlets and food manufacturers to food service businesses. Over the past few years, this $3.7B consumer products company has been focused on transforming its image from one of a “spice” company to a “flavor” company.
From Gensler. In this video presentation, co-leaders of Gensler’s top-ranked retail design practice, Barry Bourbon and Irwin Miller share case studies of retailers that have exported their brands to new markets, along with lessons learned from the global partnerships that paved the way.
From International Sign Association. Freestanding “high-rise” signs of 50 feet or more are an essential tool for many businesses seeking to market their locations to customers, and are among the various types of products designed, manufactured, supplied and used by the 2,200 members of the International Sign Association (ISA). A common design known as a “telescoping” steel column is widely used for freestanding signs that reach heights of 50 feet or more. Tens of thousands of these signs are safely in use along the nation’s interstates and major highways. Through the ISA Technology and Research Committee, the Association became aware of concerns about a handful of these signs falling in recent years due to unknown causes. There was little data on these incidents, and as a result, conflicting theories as to possible causes. As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting the highest standards of quality and safety, ISA decided to commission an independent engineering analysis at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to help shed more light on the issue.
KPMG and NRF Foundation are pleased to deliver the eighth annual state of the retail industry study, Retail Horizons: Benchmarks for 2009,Forecasts for 2010. A year ago, the retail industry was facing its greatest global financial crisis in decades and, while challenges continued in 2009, lessons were learned. This year's report details how retailers moved quickly and thoughtfully to position themselves for success as they entered a new decade.
Simon Graj explains his approach to building successful, healthy brands in Look Before You Leap: The Wisdom of Making Things Physical Before Spending Millions. Investing time and energy into fleshing out an initial idea, or concept, on which your business is built, insures greater results and makes development easier. His approach entails four main ideas: the importance of research, the importance of a clear vision, the power of making things physical, and the power of a process that addresses simultaneous development of many areas of a brand at once - all grounded by a common vision and platform.