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General Background Information

What is the NRF Standard Color and Size Code System?
The NRF Standard Color and Size Codes give retailers, vendors and manufacturers a common language for product color and size identification for EDI purposes that supplements the information conveyed by UPC codes.

For products that have a color and/or size, an NRF Color Code and/or an NRF Size Code are required Minimum Data Elements for implementation of the VICS EDI Price Sales Catalog Transaction Set (832).  Click here to learn more about VICS EDI.

What are the benefits of using the NRF Standard Color and Size Codes?
In addition to cost savings related to improved inventory management, fewer errors due to manual entry and reduced time for new item set up and maintenance, use of the codes allows retailers and their vendor partners to do automated analysis for sales trends by sizes and colors, and helps guide merchandise assortment planning. 

This helps ensure that the right merchandise is in the right place at the right time, benefiting not just retailers and vendors, but consumers, too.


Are the NRF Standard Color and Size Codes Part of the UPC?

The NRF Standard Color and Size Codes are not part of the UPC.  A UPC is a 12-digit code that includes the 6-to-10-digit vendor id number assigned by GS1, the 3-to-5-digit product id assigned by the manufacturer, and a final check digit. 

For more information on assigning UPCs, please visit Get Started With UPC Barcodes.

How can my company access the Codes?
The NRF Standard Color and Size codes are only available electronically, either from our partners GXS, InterTrade or SPS Commerce, or by purchasing them from the NRF Store in Microsoft Access 2007 format.  

Do I have to be a member of NRF to obtain the Codes?
NRF membership is not required to obtain the NRF Standard Color and Size Codes.  The codes may be obtained from our Partners listed above.

What if I can’t find the NRF Code I need?  
Select a code that best describes your item from the tables.   New color codes can not be requested, but if you are looking for a size code and can’t find one that describes your item, please submit a request for a new size code through the New Code Request utility on the website through which you are accessing the codes (GXS, InterTrade or SPS Commerce).

What if I am having problems locating codes?
Please contact your provider directly: 

If you are accessing the codes through GXS Catalogue, please call 1.877.446.6847 or email cshelp@gxs.com.

If you are accessing the codes through InterTrade ecCatalogue, please contact InterTrade support directly by calling 1.800.873.7803 or by sending an email to support@intertrade.com.

SPS Commerce clients using Universal Catalog Service should call 1.888.739.3232 or send an email to customersupport@spscommerce.com.