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The Retailerís Definitive Guide to m-Commerce Success

By Cheryl Sansonetti, Marketing Manager, 5th Finger
May 2012
5th Finger

We don’t need to tell you most retailers today know mobile is a key way to reach the modern consumer. We also don’t need to tell you most retailers are still looking for the best way to approach their mobile strategy. Questions, confusion, and challenges abound in this relatively new channel.

In this whitepaper we help retailers navigate their way to a solid mobile strategy by discussing the latest in consumer behavior, mobile retail trends and opportunities. Also included is an easy-to-follow strategy tool that helps guide retailers to suggested mobile experiences based on their goals and customer base. Examples of retail mobile experiences along with their strengths are given for brands at every stage of the mobile maturity cycle.

Readers of this whitepaper will walk away with a grasp of how to build a successful mobile strategy from scratch, and how to take their current mobile experience to the next level.