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Gas Prices No Match When it Comes to Mom, According to NRF Survey

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Gas Prices No Match When it Comes to Mom, According to NRF Survey

Washington, April 24, 2012 – Riding the coattails of a spring where they spent freely on everything from garden supplies and home décor to colorful fashions, consumers will stretch their dollars a little further this Mother’s Day to make sure mom has the perfect day. According to NRF’s 2012 Mother’s Day consumer spending survey conducted by BIGinsight, the average person celebrating the holiday is expected to spend $152.52 on gifts, up from $140.73 last year. Total spending is expected to reach $18.6 billion.*

“Despite grappling with high gas prices, Americans will look for sentimental and unique ways to shower mom with affection this year,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “As one of the most important holidays of the year, consumers can expect to see a wide range of promotions from mom’s favorite retailers leading up to the big day, including savings on apparel and electronics and even special Mother’s Day menu options at restaurants.”

According to the survey, consumers will spoil mom with special meals and/or outings, clothing, electronics, flowers and more. Two-thirds (66.4%) will buy flowers, spending a total of $2.2 billion, and nearly one-third (32.8%) will treat mom to a new blouse or sweater, spending $1.6 billion on clothing and accessories. Those buying electronics (12.7%) will shell out a total of $1.6 billion on tablets, digital cameras and more, and over half (54.3%) of all celebrants will treat mom to a nice dinner or brunch, spending $3.4 billion.  Additionally, consumers will shell out $1.8 billion on gift cards and $1.3 billion on personal services such as a trip to a day spa.

When it comes to where people will shop, the survey found more than one-third (35.6%) of gift buyers will shop at a department store, the most in the survey’s history. Adults ages 18-24 also prefer to shop at department stores where more than half (55.7%) will look for the perfect gift for mom. Other shoppers will head to discount stores (30.2%), specialty stores including jewelers, florists and electronics stores (36.3%) and specialty clothing stores (8.2%). One-quarter (25.6%) of shoppers will buy their gifts online, up from 21.5 percent last year.

“While still very mindful of their finances, consumers will open their wallets a little more this year to ensure Mother’s Day is extra special for the women in their lives” said BIGinsight Executive Vice President Phil Rist. “Many will use the opportunity to comparison shop and research products to save a few bucks, utilizing their mobile and tablet devices at home and in stores as they look for gifts and other ways to celebrate.”  

Mobile and tablet owners will keep a keen eye out for deals this Mother’s Day as nearly four in 10 (39.3%) smartphone owners and 51.2 percent of tablet owners plan to use their devices to research products/compare prices, redeem coupons, look up retailer information and purchase gift items. Specifically for tablet owners, nearly one-quarter (24.4%) will purchase a gift for mom, 35.7 percent will research products and compare prices, and 19.6 percent will look up retailer information such as store hours and location. Tablet owners ages 18-24 and 25-34 will make the most of their device as 40.4 percent and 40.9 percent, respectively, plan to shop and purchase gift items for mom via their tablets. 

Of the 86.5 percent celebrating Mother’s Day this year, nearly 65 percent will shop for their mom or stepmom, while others will buy gifts for their wife (22.4%), daughter (10.5%), grandmother (8.2%), sister (8.4%), friend (7.6%) or godmother (2.1%).

Men will spend an average of $189.74 on the women in their life this Mother’s Day, compared to the $117.42 women will spend.

About the Survey

The NRF 2012 Mother’s Day consumer spending survey was designed to gauge consumer behavior and shopping trends related to the Mother’s Day holiday. The survey was conducted for NRF by BIGinsight. The poll of 8,724 consumers was conducted from April 3-10, 2012. The consumer poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.0 percent.

BIGinsight delivers executives timely, consumer-centric insights from multiple sources. As a comprehensive resource of information, BIGinsight represents the voice of the consumer and provides knowledge to marketers regarding consumer views on the economy, personal finance, retail, lifestyle, media and domestic and world issues. www.BIGinsight.com.

As the world’s largest retail trade association and the voice of retail worldwide, NRF represents retailers of all types and sizes, including chain restaurants and industry partners, from the United States and more than 45 countries abroad. Retailers operate more than 3.6 million U.S. establishments that support one in four U.S. jobs – 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.5 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation’s economy. NRF’s Retail Means Jobs campaign emphasizes the economic importance of retail and encourages policymakers to support a Jobs, Innovation and Consumer Value Agenda aimed at boosting economic growth and job creation. www.nrf.com

*  Total spending is extrapolation of spending of U.S. adults 18+