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ARTS Unveils First-ever Standard Interface for Improved Self-Service Ordering

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ARTS Unveils First-ever Standard Interface for Improved Self-Service Ordering

New York, January 16, 2012 – The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) today unveiled the first-ever standard data interface for online and mobile ordering at the ARTS Pavilion during NRF’s 101st Annual Convention and EXPO. The Standard aims to make consumer self-service ordering more practical for restaurants and retailers across North America. ARTS is the technology standards division of the National Retail Federation. 

The Self Service Order Interface primarily benefits the restaurant industry, allowing consumers to place and track online orders that interface directly into the point-of-sale systems commonly used by restaurants. The announcement comes at a time of rapid adoption of new technologies in the retail industry. Publicis Consultants USA recently predicted that the digital revolution in dining - featuring ordering via QR code, phone and Internet - would continue to expand.

“Retail is rapidly becoming mobile through online sales and ordering,” said Noah Glass, CEO of OLO and chairman of ARTS’ SSOI work team. “Implementing a standard interface reduces the cost of entry for restaurants and retailers and yields powerful new capabilities for both customers and merchants. The result is better, faster, more personalized service.” 

“ARTS believes SSOI will make implementation of self-service ordering applications easier and more affordable for the entire restaurant industry,” said Richard Halter, ARTS chief architect.

The SSOI standard reflects the best thinking of a powerful work team composed by leading food service retailers and service providers including:  Cisco, Epicor, Five Guys, H.M. Host, NAFEM, Micros, PARtech, Starmount and YUM Brands.

The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the National Retail Federation, is a retailer-driven international membership organization. ARTS was established in 1993 to develop best practices, technology standards and educational programs through collaboration and partnerships that will enable retailers, their vendors and suppliers to conduct business globally. ARTS standards, products and programs are dedicated to fostering innovation and increasing retailer efficiency.