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Multiple Offender Crimes

Download PDFNational Retail Federation
August 2011

Multiple Offender CrimesMultiple offender crimes aren’t your typical so-called “flash mob”. Traditionally, these multiple offender crime groups engage in grab-and-run scenarios where offenders quickly enter stores and target specific merchandise – such as high-end handbags, jewelry and designer clothing – then flee, sometimes to a waiting vehicle or, as was the case in several high profile incidents, using mass transit.

In July 2011, NRF polled retailers around the country to gauge the impact of multiple offender crimes. Over three-quarters (79%) of retailers report being a victim of a multiple offender crime in the past 12 months, some of these incidents (10%) involving flash mob tactics. No doubt, the trend is growing quite quickly.

In response to the rise in popularity of this type of retail theft, NRF has compiled guidelines and protocols of more than 100 retail companies to better understand how to respond. Download a copy of NRF’s 2011 Multiple Offender Crimes white paper.