Fighting for Smarter Health Care Reform

From the initial announcement of the Affordable Care Act to the historic ruling and beyond, NRF has leveraged the experience of its experts to position the retail industry as a powerful voice behind the fight for smarter health care reform.

Employer Impact of the Health Care Bill

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How much with the health care
mandate cost you?

  • 1 office?

  • $200K in revenue?

  • 50+ employees ?

  • $3,000/employee ?

  • Part-time employees?

  • Check your liability.

The National Retail Federation has created a special Health Mandate Cost Calculator link to help you better understand your potential mandate penalty exposure. Your actual status could change in a given month in response to a surge in part-time hours or as your business grows.

You should review your health plans and changing obligations under the law with competent benefit advisers. NRF provides this Health Mandate Cost Calculator as a service to its members and the public to provide general information and it is not nor is it intended to provide legal advice.