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Hybridia Design
Don’t miss the opportunity to see the future of retail come to life!

This year, the Store of the Future is an environmentally friendly (green) “Pop-Up Boutique” targeting young adult customers ages 17-24 and making them loyal patrons for years to come.

X07 Video
video from X07- 19mb .mpg
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3 Reasons You Will Want to Experience X07

Futuristic Design Element
There are many ways to keep building the next generation store and X07 is a testimony to the future of store design. Don’t miss your chance to take a peak at new and innovative retail store design elements.

High-tech In-Store Marketing Techniques
Experience the latest in in-store marketing. New in-store techniques are changing how and when customers receive branding messages. And lighting is transforming the entire retail environment! See it all in action!

State-of-the-Art Retail Technologies
Customers today are shopping with their cell phones, using interactive kiosks to design clothes, and engaging in social networking to determine where, when and what to buy. Witness how these technologies are revolutionizing the shopping experience.

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